Maundy Thursday – Virtual Service

A Message from Father Pete.

Unfortunately, we can’t meet together in the church today.  Please use this Youtube link to join us at 07:00 pm today (9 April, 2020).  YOU CAN USE THE LINK AT ANY TIME, but knowing that all the Christians at St.Thomas’ are worshipping at the same time adds a powerful dynamic to the notion of “community.”

As you recall, it is on this day that we commemorate Jesus washing the feet of his apostles It was also the day he left us Holy Communion, that special encounter with the Divine. Therefore, I would like to suggest a way to make the Maundy Thursday online liturgy more alive and “hands on,” especially if you have children. Involving children’s senses helps them to more easily understand, feel, and retain what is being taught. And guess what: sensory is also good for adults!

Here’s what to do!


1) Before Thursday, get a large bowl big enough into which your foot will fit.
2) Get a pitcher into which you will put some warm water prior to the service.
3) Get a towel.
4) Designate someone in your household who will WASH feet, and someone whose feet will BE washed. Or you can wash each other’s feet!


1) Get a piece of bread and place it on a dish.
2) Get a cup or glass for each person who will be present.
3) Get some wine or grape juice (in a pinch, any juice will do)

Since we cannot share in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) that day, we will instead have an “agape” meal, where I will explain what happened at the Last Supper. The elements you will have before you and that you will eat and drink will be a reminder of fellowship and happiness that comes from knowing, loving and serving Jesus.

Fr. Pete Wright, Chaplain