Archbishop calls for holistic approach to tackling Daesh

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, has said that the “Just War” criteria have been met to justify military action against Daesh (IS, ISIL, ISIS) in Syria, reports ACNS, but he warned that merely bombing Daesh targets would “confirm their dreadful belief that what they are doing is the will of God.” He called for a holistic approach to tackling Daesh, which should include a “global theological component”. Read the full story on the ACNS website.

Walk this Saturday

The December Church Wanderers walk will be on Saturday 5 December - a week earlier than usual to avoid clashes with the many Church and non-church events we all have in our diaries at this time of year.
We meet at Altona Station in front of the Reise Zentrum at 9:20 in time to get our Schleswig-Holstein tickets to ITZEHOE, dep. 9:40 and arriving in Itzehoe at 10:23.
At Itzehoe we should be able to enjoy a short walk in the woods, a visit to their Christmas Market and coffee/tea in a restaurant with the charming name „Himmel und Hölle.“  At this time of year, of course, much depends on the weather, so if you are coming,  dress up warm and bring some food and drink to keep you going until we reach the first Bratwurst or Glühwein stand!
Please let Nicki Schiller know by 9 p.m. on Friday 4 December if you plan to come - tel 04104 695537 or 0176 30 393 063.