A visible sign of enduring friendship:  St Thomas à Becket exhibition

Celebrating 180 years of the English Church on Zeughausmarkt: 1838 – 2018

On Tour with Henry and Mabel: A film about the History of the Anglican Church of St Thomas à Becket made for the 180th anniversary by Birgit Kiupel and Andre Piontek
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For the 180th anniversary of the opening of this church, an exhibition and two brochures were prepared. The history of the British in Hamburg, from the arrival of the first merchants in the 16th century to the present day and the story of this church building since 1838, its fate during two world wars and the now much more international congregation, are told on a series of hanging posters as well as in an illustrated brochure, A visible sign of enduring friendship. This brochure is also available in German. Interesting and historical items in the church are described in a further, dual-language brochure, Inside the English Church. An entertaining short film by Birgit Kiupel tells the story through the eyes of Henry Canning, the British Consul General who was largely responsible for the building of the church, and the church’s legendary caretaker Mabel Wulff. Her story is told in the booklet Two Countries, Two Wars, the English Church in Hamburg and an indomitable caretaker – Mabel Wulff, B.E.M. All three brochures can be ordered from the church.

Guided tours of the church can be organised. Please see the contact page.