Saying Compline together on Zoom Saturdays 7pm

The choir meets on Saturdays 7pm CET via Zoom to say Compline together. If you’d like to join please email me and you will get a link for the Zoom meeting. My email is 

Maybe you have other ways of staying in touch? The choir encourages you to find ways which work for you. It may be the good old “prayer chain” using the phone or even sending postcards. Have you developed a little routine to stay connected also in your spiritual life? Have you rediscovered old hobbies? Do you have a new favourite recipe? Dorothee Möller (parish council member and assistant) and I would like to hear from you. We’d like to publish a short post using the hashtag #stayconnected (at least) every Wednesday on the website and on Facebook. Now, over to you!

Yotin Tiewtrakul, Choirmaster

Shared prayer for Sunday 29 March

Nicki Schiller shared the following prayer with us for this Sunday, The Fifth Sunday of Lent:

Heavenly Father, we thank you that although we cannot come together today in Your house because of the restrictions brought about  by the corona virus, we can still come close to You and to each other in our prayers.  Please send us Your Holy Spirit, Lord, as we pray to you from our hearts.

We thank you for modern communications technology which makes it possible for us to contact our friends, our families, our neighbours and our church members although we cannot visit them in person. Do not let us forget those who are old, lonely, sick or sad in these difficult days and who may be in need of a phone call , a mail or a letter. When this time of trial is past, let us continue to reach out to those who need us.

Lord, the early spring with its birdsong, the flowers , blue sky and the sunshine still make us happy despite our worries. May this quiet time when so many of us must stay at home give us more time to appreciate your world and think about how to treat your creation with care and respect instead of thoughtlessly helping to destroy it.  Could it be that we human beings are more of a threat to our planet than the corona virus is to us?.

We bring before You all the countries of the world where the virus is already active.  Have mercy on  your suffering children Lord, give strength to all those who care for them. We thank you for the thousands who have recovered and hope that the shared suffering of this present time will make many people see more clearly the importance of peace, justice and friendship between all nations.

Father, give hope to those who are helpless and desperate at this time, to those who are stranded far from home, to the refugees on the Greek islands whose homes have been destroyed, to those here in Hamburg who cannot  stay at home because they have no roof over their head. Comfort them with the assurance that we are all at home in You, Father, and send them the practical help they need.

You have sent us locums to minister to us  while we search for a new chaplain and we are grateful for the wonderful work they did. Now that the present pandemic has made it impossible for another locum to come, we are not alone. We believe Your Son, Jesus Christ, is with us when we pray together and that this is true, not only till the end of the corona crisis, but till the end of time.

Father God, we bring before you ourselves, our families our friends and neighbours and ask you to protect us all from evil. May we grow in love for You and each other  so that this Lent will be a time when we learn to live lives more pleasing to you and celebrate Easter together rejoicing in Christ’s victory over sin and death.  

Our locum returns to LA

Our locum chaplain, Fr Pete Wright, and his wife Penny have unfortunately had to return to Los Angeles, since the US State Department ordered the return of all citizens who normally reside in the USA. We hope still to be able to provide some opportunities for the congregation to participate in shared online services with Fr Pete. Please also see the information on this website, particularly the Covid-19 update section.

Making a Spiritual Communion

Our church services are currently suspended because of the coronavirus. However, we can still make a Spiritual Communion at home.

The term ‘Spiritual Communion’ is used to describe the means of grace by which a person, prevented for some serious reason from sharing in a celebration of the Eucharist, nonetheless shares in the communion of Jesus Christ. The Book of Common Prayer instructs us that if we offer ourselves in penitence and faith, giving thanks for the redemption won by Christ crucified, we may truly ‘eat and drink the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ’, although we cannot receive the sacrament physically in ourselves. A form of words for making a Spiritual Communion can be found on the Church of England website.

Saying Compline together online via Zoom / Saturdays 7pm

The choir has met online via Zoom last Saturday to say Compline together. For the time being we like the idea to keep this routine. If you’d like to join the choir in saying Compline together online via Zoom please send me an email and I will send you a link for joining the Zoom meeting. It’s Saturdays at 7pm. My email is 

Of course you can also say Compline without joining us via Zoom. We just take the liturgy provided here by the Church of England. 

Yotin Tiewtrakul, Choirmaster

Mothering Sunday 2020 – Watch the recorded live stream / listen to the sermon here

Dear All,

As many of you already know, Father Pete with the support of his wife Penny live streamed the Eucharist on our Facebook page this morning. A recording is now also available on YouTube here:

Father Pete has also separately recorded the Gospel and his sermon again, to be found here:

We would like to thank him wholeheartedly for bringing the church into our homes during these difficult times.

Want to be on our mailing list?

We have a small mailing list that we use to keep congregation and friends in touch with what’s going on in the church community. We are using it more frequently now that services and events are suspended because of the Covid-19 coronavirus. If you would like to be put on the list, please send an email with your first and last name and asking to be added to the mailing list to webmaster (at)