Book your place for a special Ascension Day dawn liturgy – and breakfast!

The tradition in the Church of England (Anglican Church) is to go to a high place at dawn on Ascension Day, to celebrate the ascension of our Lord. This would usually be a church tower, or the summit of a nearby hill – but we don’t have either of these, so we’re going on to the roof of the Ecumencial Forum instead. 

God is gone up with a merry noise, with the sound of the trumpet!

Please email to book your place.

Junior Church starting again on May 1st

After the long COVID-related break, we are happy to announce that we are offering Junior Church again in person, starting next Sunday (May 1st). This is when we are also going to be back in our own building at Zeughausmarkt.

If you have school-age children, please consider bringing them with you to church and letting them attend Junior Church, led by Miriam and team. They are going to meet in church at 10:30 (when our regular service also starts) and later move into our Junior Church room upstairs for their own activities.

In case you have any questions upfront, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via

Back to Zeughausmarkt!

After having enjoyed the hospitality of the Michel for the past three months, we are finally going to return to our own church.

So please note that May 1st is going to be our first Sunday Service back at Zeughausmarkt.

See you there!