Holy Week and Easter

A special welcome to anyone visiting Hamburg this Easter. Please click here for Holy Week and Easter services.

Aside from the usual Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services, there will be a Taizé service at 19:30 on Tuesday.

Bishop Geoffrey announces his retirement

Bishop Geoffrey has announced his retirement as Bishop in Europe from 8 November.

Bishop Geoffrey last visited STB on the memorable occasion of the 400th anniversary celebratory weekend 17-19 February 2012. He was kind enough to refer to this as a highlight of 2012 in his annual report.

We wish Bishop Geoffrey well for the remaining months of his ministry and a long and happy retirement.

Not to be missed!

Saturday, 23rd March, 5pm

John Stainer – The Crucifixion (1887)
Preston / Tiewtrakul – “… then came a knowingness” (2013)

Lukas Dittmann, Bass
Piet Zorn, Tenor
Jochim Trede, Organ
St Thomas Becket Anglican Church Choir
Yotin Tiewtrakul, Choir director

Entrance: Free – Retiring collection

Through the centuries music has helped telling the story of Christ’s suffering and God’s forgiving love. “The Crucifixion” was composed in the Victorian period and so the oratorio, typically set for organ and choir, leaves no room for despair or grief. The music rather reaches for the sublime. Performing “The Crucifixion” by John Stainer has become an annual event at the English church in Hamburg. This year however we premier a new anthem (words by Iain Preston, music by Yotin Tiewtrakul) to add a voice of our own century.

Dates to note!

Please get your articles for the next edition of Becket News to the Editor by 23 March – but perhaps let him know before if you are intending to contribute.

The Electoral Roll list will close 30 March. So if you would like to vote at the AGM 14 April, please get your form in!

The AGM is 14 April directly after the service.

DON'T MISS the performance of John Stainer's Oratorio Crucifixion Saturday 23 March 17:00!