Updates from our Annual General meeting 2024

Firstly, fulsome thanks to Irene Windsor and Christian Nweze, both or whom stood down as Churchwardens this year; and to Wendy Sprock, who stood down from Lay membership of the Council after many years. Thanks to each of you, the aforementioned, for your service and commitment. 

We welcome Norbert Schoen as our new Churchwarden, and are looking for a second warden to join him in office soon. 

Our Lay members this year are Jo Dawes, Monica Schofield, Emmanuel Saarkodie, Madeleine Resuehr, Jonas Karlsson, Peter Alexander, Nissi Marapatla, Irene Windsor and Penny Loehrig. 

Our Deanery reps continue to be Madeline Herring and Joshua Ezike.

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