Looking for God?

According to a survey conducted in by Eurobarometer, the EUs Public Opinion Analysis, four in five EU citizens have religious or spiritual beliefs.

“…over one in two EU citizens believe there is a God (52%) and over one in four (27%) believe there is some sort of spirit or life force. Only 18% declares that they don’t believe that is any sort of spirit, God or life force.

The Study on Social values, Science and Technology has found that in each country surveyed, at least three in five citizens confirm that they ponder on the meaning and purpose of life.

So if you are pondering the existence or otherwise of God, you are not alone! About 400 million Europeans are doing the same, though clearly not through regular attendance at places of worship – something that perhaps Church and other Faith leaders need to address!

Under separate pages we provide some pointers for intellectual enquiry and reflection. There is a lot out there to read and think about that is accessible via the internet. Centuries of stuff in fact. Once you have trawled through a lot of reading material, you will probably have even more questions. There are no clear cut answers, but your search, if undertaken with integrity, is bound to transform your thinking whatever conclusions you draw.

Why not then try discussing these with people who are doing the same, assisted by those who have read and studied a lot more on the subject – trained clergy? A church community provides a safe space to discuss questions about the bigger and smaller aspects of life, as well as God. You don’t have to believe to start a dialogue, but you should accept that your assumptions may be challenged in unexpected ways, not least about what believers actually believe!

Welcome to the crowd!