Could you help at our bazaar?

Our annual bazaar will be held on Saturday, 21 November 2015, from 10.30 am to 4 pm. Helpers are still needed for various jobs and stalls. If you think you might be able to spare a couple of hours, please contact Daniel Loarte or Norbert Schoen (see the back page of Becket News for contact details).

Raffle tickets are also available for just €2 each. If you would like a book of 50 tickets to sell, please let Norbert know. There will be an extra prize for the person who sells the most tickets.

The bazaar is the event that raises the most income to help keep our church running, so please give it all the support you can.

One thought on “Could you help at our bazaar?

  1. Debbie and I (Madeleine) will be on the cake stall again this year and need lots of home-made cakes, scones, mince pies, cup cakes, biscuits. We hope lots of you are in the mood for baking goodies and look forward to seeing you at the bazaar – just bring your cakes etc along on the day- Satruday, 21st November!

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