Changes to Safeguarding and checks

Changes to the Diocese in Europe’s Safeguarding procedures are taking place to bring Europe into line with other Church of England dioceses. Bishop Robert has written to church leaders commending a new Safeguarding Guide which helps to answer when a formal clearance certificate is required.

He writes: “In my first year of ministry as bishop, I have become aware that this is an area where there is a good deal of confusion, with some people being checked who don’t need to be, and others not being checked who should be. The [new guide] gives clarification. It has taken a surprisingly large amount of work to get a document that has the right level of precision whilst still being intelligible.” Canon law was recently enacted at the York general synod making it a matter of discipline for clergy to be aware of and act in accordance with the practice guidance.

The Diocese in Europe website states: “All clergy and Readers have Safeguarding training and need criminal record check clearance certificates as a normal part of their ministry. Hundreds of lay volunteers in local churches across Europe are being encouraged to go through the process to ensure that our congregations are safe places for young and vulnerable people to visit.”

Our Safeguarding Officer at St Thomas Becket is Norbert Schoen. You can find his contact details on the back page of Becket News. You can read more about the Diocese’s Safeguarding policy on the Diocesan website.