Please help us support refugees

The Diocese has asked the Chaplaincies what they are doing to support refugees. The Ladies’ Christian Fellowship has collected items for refugees, and Norbert Schoen will be contacting the city to see what support they might require. In the meantime, one of Birte Fischer’s friends has asked that we collect the following items for refugees (which must be clean and in good condition):

Bedding (sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases), towels, hot water bottles, men’s and women’s clothing (sizes S, M), toys¸children’s clothing¸boys’ clothing (sizes 116-174), thermos flasks.

Boxes to store the items are available upstairs on the gallery ooposite the bookstall.

One thought on “Please help us support refugees

  1. Hello there,
    I was at your church a few times many years ago and although I live out of Hamburg, I would love to attend some services again. Please add me to your email list and I can inform myself of dates, etc. I can also bring some things for refugees as I always have a collection of bags here at home!

    Looking forward to this special time before Christmas,

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