Archbishop of Canterbury's keynote speech to the Lutheran World Federation Assembly

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, was the invited keynote speaker at the LWF Assembly being held in Stuttgart until 27 July. His talk was on the theme of the conference “Give us today our daily bread”.

Dr Williams noted that “Give Us Today Our Daily Bread” is “a prayer than inevitably looks beyond the present moment and the settling of immediate needs … It is as if in order to live in peace and hope today, we have to ask for that foretaste or ‘advance payment’ of God’s future.”
“The bread that is shared among Christians is not only material resource, but the recognition of dignity…and to recognise human dignity in one another is indeed to share the truth of what humanity is in the eyes of God. We feed each other by honouring the truth of the divine image in each other.”

The report from LWF is available here.
The full text can be read on the Archbishop's website.

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