Easter Candle and Easter Hymn

This morning the Easter Candle was also lit in a short Dawn Service in the church with some parishioners getting together via Zoom while our choirmaster joined from the church.

If you’d like to sing along or listen to some Easter hymns here’s “Jesus Christ is risen today”. Stephen Brown director of music at St Catherine’s in Stuttgart put together a “virtual choir” in which our choirmaster was also able to join.

Happy Easter from the Anglican Church of St Thomas à Becket

The wardens, Church Council and Mabel Wulff* wish you a very happy Easter!

*Mabel Wulff was caretaker of the church from 1924 -1964. The church was closed during WWII, but Mabel stayed at her post, saving the church from certain destruction by putting out the fires caused by incendiary bombs. She provided shelter for the homeless and hid the altar painting, thus preserving it for posterity. Her spirit lives on!

This Easter card was created for us by Birgit Kiupel.

Please visit the Church online section of this website for info on virtual services during Holy Week and beyond.

#stayconnected: A message from Judith, a long standing member of our parish

We received a message last week when we asked how everyone is staying in touch with others. Judith writes:

Telephoning and being able to hear people’s voices feels so very important now. I’m phoning family and friends far and wide, as I expect most of us are doing.  Am in touch with the “card-making” team and other church friends, and nearly every day with R. – she had her 100th last week and had a letter from the Bundespresident.  I’ve also been able to speak to J. several times and yesterday with H. too. 

We were asked about suggestions for staying connected, also spiritually – one of my far away calls last Saturday was to N., an American friend in New Jersey on her birthday.  P. may remember her and her husband F. – they were very regular members of the St Thomas Becket congregation before they went back to the States in 1987.  I mentioned to her that I hadn’t been able to find an actual Diocesan service – though I’d heard and seen Bishop Robert’s video message.  Anyway she guided me to the Canterbury Cathedral website, with morning and evening prayers via YouTube mostly said by the Dean of Canterbury in his garden.  We all have different needs but this very much resonates with me – and there’s the cathedral in the background with spring blossom, magnolia, birds singing and so far blue skies. I also sometimes listen to the BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning service – ca. 10.15 German time – or on catchup I-Player – and last Sunday the sermon was about Oscar Romero, (24th March being the anniversary of his death} and connecting his life and martyrdom with  St. Thomas a Becket and his 850th anniversary this year, with services and events planned in Canterbury Cathedral.  And my other recommendation is BBC Radio 4 Thought for the Day for about 3 minutes either on Catchup, or live sometime between 8.45 and 8.50 German time

With love and very best wishes to you all, and keep safe and well,

Maundy Thursday – Virtual Service

A Message from Father Pete.

Unfortunately, we can’t meet together in the church today.  Please use this Youtube link to join us at 07:00 pm today (9 April, 2020).  YOU CAN USE THE LINK AT ANY TIME, but knowing that all the Christians at St.Thomas’ are worshipping at the same time adds a powerful dynamic to the notion of “community.”

As you recall, it is on this day that we commemorate Jesus washing the feet of his apostles It was also the day he left us Holy Communion, that special encounter with the Divine. Therefore, I would like to suggest a way to make the Maundy Thursday online liturgy more alive and “hands on,” especially if you have children. Involving children’s senses helps them to more easily understand, feel, and retain what is being taught. And guess what: sensory is also good for adults!

Here’s what to do!


1) Before Thursday, get a large bowl big enough into which your foot will fit.
2) Get a pitcher into which you will put some warm water prior to the service.
3) Get a towel.
4) Designate someone in your household who will WASH feet, and someone whose feet will BE washed. Or you can wash each other’s feet!


1) Get a piece of bread and place it on a dish.
2) Get a cup or glass for each person who will be present.
3) Get some wine or grape juice (in a pinch, any juice will do)

Since we cannot share in the Eucharist (Holy Communion) that day, we will instead have an “agape” meal, where I will explain what happened at the Last Supper. The elements you will have before you and that you will eat and drink will be a reminder of fellowship and happiness that comes from knowing, loving and serving Jesus.

Fr. Pete Wright, Chaplain

#stayconnected: Madeleine Herring shares about mindfulness practice

We asked you how you stay connected and what you are doing to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Here’s what Madeleine Herring has to share:

Following notes might be helpful when you have listened to the talk:

Symptoms one might wish to manage:

  • Constantly feeling anxious and worried;
  • Feeling irritable, agitated and easily annoyed;
  • Argumentative and defensive with friends and family;
  • Restless sleeping;
  • Low levels of energy, often waking up feeling tired;
  • Restless and frenetic mind;
  • Often self-critical and/or critical of others;
  • Feeling flat and uninspired;
  • Having difficulty concentrating;
  • Skin rashes and conditions;
  • Clenching your jaw muscles and grinding your teeth at night;
  • Headaches and migraines.


David´s 3MM course

Other helpful sites/publications