Next collection for Hanseatic Help, Sunday 18th February

And may I begin with a heartfelt plea, only to bring exactly what is asked for on the list below please. Note info. re sizes in particular. Thank you!

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen with our first, trial collection last year – and Hanseatic Help won’t take anything else, so please read carefully and adhere to this list of February requirements:

Hanseatic Help would be grateful for your donations of Men’s winter jackets, Everyday women’s clothing only sizes L and XL, Baby clothes in sizes 50/56 and 62/68, Large rucksacks (25 litres and bigger), Sleeping bags, Underwear: new socks and pants, New toiletries.

Please bring items to the 10.30 service on 18th Feb. and we will then deliver them during the week. Thank you!