Interested in being confirmed this year?

If so, or if you have questions, please let Revd Jules know as soon as possible, and sign up on the list to the left of the main door in the church building (please now write your name on the list, even if we have had an earlier conversation. Thank you!)

There is no age limit when it comes to confirmation, so this is an invitation for adults as well as the more usual teenagers.

Once the group has been formed, there will be a course of preparation over the next months (times arranged to fit). Bishop Robert will visit us for the final service of Confirmation, on Sunday 17th November, 2024. During the classes we learn more about our faith, liturgy, the Bible, God, Anglicanism and other things too. The sessions are interesting and enjoyable, so if you think you might be ready to take this next step forward in your faith, please get in touch.