Bountiful Harvest Rural Development Inc Philippines

Simon Gill who was a member of St Thomas Becket Church in the early 90’s and his wife Jinky founded their own NGO called Bountiful Harvest Rural
Development Inc on the Island of Palawan, Philippines.

Sadly Simon died unexpectedly of a heart attack in January 2012.

The organisation he founded is dedicated to bettering the lives of the local people through
holistic ministry, i.e. addressing basic human rights – to be able to feed one‘s family, provide for children‘s education, enjoy good health –
care, and to live in freedom -, and Christian loving service in helping to bring bountiful plenty from the earth, with a quiet witness to Christ,
among people of other faith-cultures, or none. Bountiful Harvest Rural Development Inc invites farmers to train in techniques that
result in healthier crops and learn respect for the land so that the “slash and burn” is reduced.

Simon’s family can be truly proud of his achievement and Christian service.