Action on Climate Change

Doing our bit…

It is an unavoidable fact that a church as a physical building consumes energy. Measures have been taken at St Thomas Becket Anglican Church to reduce the energy consumption. In 2002 all the incandescent electric light bulbs were replaced by compact fluorescent light bulbs (popularly known as energy saving light bulbs) which has cut the energy consumption for lighting by about half.

In 2007 the building has had additional insulation and secondary glazing added. And since 2007, the electricity has been supplied by the renewable energy provider, Lichtblick.

Small steps, but every bit counts.

Travelling to the UK by train is a website designed to help people who want to travel from London to Continental Europe by train as opposed to flying. It of course can work the other way!

Click here to access this helpful website.

Hamburg Green Capital 2011

Hamburg has succeeded Stockholm as European Green Capital 2011. For more information see Hamburg European Green Capital Website.

DG Environment

To find out more what Europe is doing about climate change, take a look at the website of the European Commission Directorate General for Environment.