Welcome to Hamburg

The Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, as it likes to call itself, is located towards the “neck” of Germany and thanks to this strategic
location between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, has for centuries been a major centre for trade. Today it is the world’s eighth largest port,
and one of the most affluent cities in Europe, offering a good quality of life. The citizens of Hamburg (pop. 1.8 million) have a great affinity for water, the Elbe
river providing one of Europe’s great waterways, and the Alster lake and canals giving the city a spacious feeling. Trade brings together people of
many nationalities, and though perhaps not quite so cosmopolitan as it likes to think it is, Hamburg is certainly very international and welcoming.
It is arguably the most anglophile of German cities. There is a vibrant cultural life and many people from other parts of the world as well as Germany
come here to visit.

The information to be found in this section is aimed at providing a helping hand to get settled in Hamburg, or to provide some useful
information if you are planning to move here. Many members of St Thomas Becket Church have themselves experienced what it is like to move to a
strange city, in many cases without knowing German. Together with the many native German members of the congregation, they are more than happy to
pass on some local knowledge and offer friendship!

Moving to a new city, especially if you are single and foreign, can be a lonely experience. Irrespective of whether or not you are interested in religion, you will find members of the congregation friendly with many “outside” interests.

If you are just visiting, please also do just come along to the Sunday Parish Eucharist at 10:30 if you feel like it. There is a chance to
socialise woth people of many nationalities over a cup of coffee or tea afterwards.

For further information about Hamburg in English provided by the City, see the Hamburg.de web pages.

Information in English about what goes on can also be found on the Hamburg English Pages.

If you have an interest in British organisations in Hamburg please refer to the Britain in Hamburg website.