#stayconnected: Chioma sings

Sometimes people who lead us in the intercessions on Sunday mornings (do you remember?) share a song. So I asked Chioma to simply send me some songs just as a voice message to my phone. These are two songs from her collection:

Thank you, Chioma, for sharing with us not only on Sunday mornings but also during these times!

The words are:

Thanks, thanks
we give you thanks for all you have done
In our lives we are so blessed
Our souls have found rest
O Lord, we give you thanks

Lord, you are more precious than silver
Lord, you are more costly than gold
Lord, you are more beautiful than diamonds
There’s nothing we desire compared with you

You are the Lord / Let your name be glorified (2x)
We give you glory and honour
You are the Lord / Let your name be glorified

We give you all the glory
We worship you, our God
You are worthy to be praised

#stayconnected: A short opening song for humming and with gestures

When the choir started meeting online to say Evening Prayer we figured very quickly that singing via Zoom is not very satisfying. So I asked Pastorin Anne Smets, a good friend of the choir, to lead us in a simple prayer with hand gestures. And so we have been starting our online Evening Prayer with this simple prayer ever since:

“Opening my ears / I listen with my heart / waiting for God”

This morning when updating the page about our online resources I removed (for copyright reasons) the Taizé songs which I recorded for Holy Week. And so I was left with the question what else to put there instead.

You see, it’s the simple things which are very likely to stick. And so of course our little “opening prayer” came up, and very quickly a simple melody:

I hope you all learn it so that you can hum along and pray with your hands when we gather again in the church!

Yotin Tiewtrakul, Choirmaster