Order your Christmas cards in aid of our church

In this new digital world into which we have all suddenly been plunged, where physical contact and travel have been severely restricted, perhaps sending a handwritten card to someone is a gift that will be especially appreciated this year.

We have been producing Christmas cards by recycling used cards in aid of the historic English Church of St Thomas à Becket for over 30 years. Motifs range from religious and nativity scenes, winter landscapes, robins, Christmas scenes, animals, humorous, and other festive themes such as wreaths, flowers candles, etc. The cards, complete with envelopes, are 148 x 110 mm and have a Christmas and New Year greeting in English and German.

For the first time, cards can be ordered using this Order Form or by telephoning Judith Holst. The cards will also still be on sale – subject to Hamburg Corona restrictions – at some events including the Church Mini-Market, planned for 21 November, and after the church service on Sundays from 22 November until 20 December between 12:00 –13:00 hours. Read more about our cards here.

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