Church reopening: when and how?

The Chaplaincy Council met on 6 May (via Zoom) and discussed the reopening in the context of the guidance received from our Bishops and what is permitted in Hamburg. Although churches may open, there are very strict conditions set. The Council therefore decided that the church will stay closed until the beginning of June to allow for proper preparation.

Fr Pete Wright is still our locum until the end of May, however, and will continue until then to film services together with members of the congregation and post them here: see church online.

There is a small group of people working on what we need to do to reopen the church. We will let you know as soon as we can when that will be and how we are going to do it.

2 thoughts on “Church reopening: when and how?

  1. Good Morning from Kiel,

    thank you dear Council for keeping us informed and so lovely and blessed I feel to also be able to participate in the weekly Evening Prayer Sessions online. These are also very important and nourishing at times like these.

    Just a note about helping out to make more space in the church (Clutter 🙂 Is it too early to collect ideas?

    Have a fine Thursday from

    Steffi xx

    1. Hi Steffi,
      Thanks for you comments.
      I’m sure there’ll be more to say soon on how we can start using the church again.

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