Advent Lunch Saturday 11 December

A chance for a wander in the Weihnachtsmarkt in Stade!

The plan is to take the train to Stade depart HH Hbf at 10:07 arrive Stade 10:55, to then spend time wandering round the Weihnachtsmarkt and then have lunch in the Ratskeller.

Our Advent lunch is always fun, so do come along, but let Cicely know by Tuesday, 7th December so that she can reserve a table.

Bishop's Advent Appeal

This year's Bishop's Advent Appeal is to raise funds for two projects, one within the diocese, and one outside.

Inside the Diocese, the appeal is for funds to support the training of younger members of the The White Nile congregations in Oulu, Vaasa and Kokkola in Finland. The White Nile congregations are made up of refugees from the Sudan who have been given asylum in Finland under the auspices of the UN. The aim is to educate the younger generation so that when the time comes they can help rebuild their country.

Outside the Diocese, the appeal is for funds to help rebuild a school in Haiti which suffered that terrible earthquake at the beginning of this year.

For more information please visit Bishop David's blog.