Service of Dedication of the St Thomas à Becket Stained Glass Window / Bishop David Hamid’s Sermon

About the St Thomas à Becket Stained Glass Window:


A few words about the window itself. The date it was made is probably in the late 19th century, but no later than 1910. The story of how it was acquired by Graham Dry, is interesting. Around 1975 he visited the well-known shop of Haslam & Whiteway in Kensington Church Street, London, specialists in Arts and Crafts movements. They had recently bought 20 stained glass windows, most of them were of dancing girls, peacocks and landscapes which easily sold. Standing alone in a corner was the unsold and, in Graham’s Dry’s words ‘rather forlorn looking’ St Thomas à Becket of Canterbury. Graham rescued him from his predicament, but the family were never able to incorporate the saint appropriately anywhere. He was clearly waiting for a much better fate and that has turned out to be our church here in Hamburg.

The St Thomas à Becket Stained Glass Window is a gift from Graham Dry and his wife Beate Dry-von Zezschwitz. The Diocese in Europe and our Church are grateful to them.

Bishop David Hamid’s sermon on the occasion of the dedication of the St Thomas à Becket Stained Glass Window:
You can read the full text of Bishop David’s sermon here..

Service of Dedication

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