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Upcoming Lecture: “The Secret Language of Sacred Spaces”

The Arts Society Hamburg is presenting its November lecture, held by Jon Cannon, in St Thomas Becket Church as a fund-raising event in aid of the church. From Chartres Cathedral to Angkor Wat, religion has been the inspiration for many of the greatest buildings of the world. This lecture explores the architecture of the major…

Church Wanderers in Kiel

It is now time to sign up for the long-awaited August walk on Saturday 11 August!  This is an outing to the coastal area round Kiel, brilliantly organized by Lee Shaw and offering plenty of walking, pleasant breaks and even the possibility of a ferry ride on the Kieler Förde. MEETING POINT:  Hamburg Hauptbahnhof in…

Dates to note

Choral Evensong

6:00pm on Fri, 26th October

Psalm 150 - Anglican Chant (George Talbot) Magnificat & Nunc dimittis Fauxbourdon Setting (Jeremy Woodside) Prayer of Desmond Tutu (James Whitbourn) Revd Canon Dr Leslie Nathaniel, Officiant Anglican Choir and Children's Choir directed by Yotin Tiewtrakul Jochim Trede, Organ

About us


Our main service is the Parish Eucharist (Holy Communion) on Sundays at 10:30 am. Our other regular services are Evensong and a Healing Service. You can find further information about this and all other services here.

Musical services


Music is an important part of our services, while the church hosts many concerts. If you’re coming regularly to worship at St Thomas Becket and love to sing you might consider joining the choir.

The Chaplain

The Revd Canon Dr Leslie Nathaniel (photo: Roland Magunia) is our Chaplain (our parish priest or minister). For details of how to reach him, please see Contact.


Please donate

St Thomas Becket Church is entirely reliant on donations and money raised through events to cover costs. Please help us continue to provide Christian ministry in English in Hamburg.


Arts Society Church Recording Project

Volunteers from The Arts Society Hamburg and St Thomas Becket are undertaking a complete record of the church.